Why Convention Components (CCI)?

Every event has components which must all come together in order for an event to run smoothly and successfully. Whether it is a sedan ride for an executive, a minibus for a restaurant tour group, or a variety of vehicle needs for a convention, these components are many and often difficult to manage. Over the years, CCI has developed a list of providers nationwide who understand transportation and the level of service required.

Why is ground transportation important?

Ground transportation is often the first and last opportunity to be in contact with the traveler or attendee. It is our goal at CCI to make ground transportation a silent feature at any event. While we always enjoy receiving positive feedback from our customers, we realize it is not about us, but it is all about the customer. If we receive no feedback, that is often the best compliment of all because it means that our ground transportation answers were seamless and successful.

Why use a ground transportation management team?

Ordering a vehicle is as easy as picking up the phone, right? Well, if you have ordered transportation before, you understand there is so much more than just making a call. The majority of meeting planners recognize that their forte is in the meeting – at the banquet table, setting the agenda, reserving meeting rooms, etc. How can you focus on all those details if you are meeting arriving attendees, having vehicles at the ready and meeting those vehicles at the curb? That’s where CCI comes in. We ensure the guests are received at the airport, show up at the door at the appointed time and make it to the meeting across town. We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

Will it cost more to use a ground transportation management team?

Because of the lasting relationships we develop with our providers and our ability to negotiate with them, we can attain a higher level of service usually at a reduced CCI rate. Our customers can be assured that with CCI, the service you receive will be second to none and the price for that service will generally be lower than if you were to arrange transportation through the provider yourself.

What is the difference between base-rate pricing and all-inclusive pricing?

Many transportation companies quote base rate pricing. Base-rate pricing includes the rate of the transfer alone and does not include additional taxes, fees, tolls, STC charges and driver gratuity.

Convention Components’ rates are all-inclusive. All-inclusive pricing includes all taxes, fees, tolls, STC charges and driver gratuity. The price you are quoted will not change unless your group decides makes a change to the order (start/end time, vehicle size, etc.).

What can affect your final price?

Because of Convention Components’ long-term relationships, many of our vehicle providers will often allow last minute changes in order to best meet the needs of our clients. Your final cost will be impacted if and only if you make a change, including but not limited to adding an extra stop, adding additional wait time, extending hours and/or service. If you ever have questions about the price, please do not hesitate to ask.

What are CCI's cancellation fees?

Every vehicle provider has some form of cancellation fees. The fee is applied if the order is canceled or drastically changed within a certain time period prior to the event start time. A drastic change includes, but is not limited to, a new event start date/time, or vehicle size.


Typically, the larger the vehicle, the smaller window there is for cancellation. While every service provider is different, below are typical event cancellation time frames by vehicle size, for CCI preferred vehicle providers:


Sedans and SUVs: typically 2 – 6 hours prior to event start time

Vans: typically 12 hrs – 3 days prior to event start time

Minibuses: typically 2 – 5 days prior to event start time

Motorcoaches: typically 7 – 14 days prior to event start time


Note: Cancellation time frames are subject to change. Ask your CCI operations manager to confirm your event specific cancellation time frame.

Does nationwide service imply nationwide pricing?

Nationwide service does not imply that the pricing for a vehicle is the same across the country. Every location has location-specific pricing and in some markets may be as high as 100% higher than other markets.

Every price that Convention Components quotes is specific to the communicated event location. If the event location changes, the price will likely be adjusted.

Does CCI offer multiple levels of service for one event location?

When asked, CCI is willing to quote multiple levels of service for a market area. In a market area, pricing may vary from one company to another by as much as 100% or more. Not in all cases, but in some, the price may reflect one or more of the following: vehicle maintenance; vehicle cleanliness; insurance levels (state minimum); driver hours; and more.

Higher priced vehicle providers may be supporting their own service shop and wash facility. They may pay their driver by the hour with benefits instead of as independent contractors.

Typically Convention Components partners with providers whose prices are mid-range, staying away from the lows and the highs.  However, we always consider what is in the best interest of our client. If our client communicates that they want the bare minimum in order to keep costs down, we will consider that. On the flip side, if our client would like special services that only the high-end vehicle providers, offer, we will make sure that those requests are fulfilled.


If you have any questions about your transportation, please feel free to contact us!

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